Friday, June 8, 2012

APP inventor APK file doesn's update in Google Play.

Did you find "The new apk's versionCode (3) already exists." error when you tried updating your APP Inventor APK in Google Play - developer Console?

After hunting from blogs to different Google groups, at the end of third day finally I could update my Old APK in Google Play. Please follow following steps:

Step For APP Inventor:

1. Download new apk from APP Inventor (Package for Phone > Download to this computer) .

2. Download Kewstrore from My Projects > Select Your Project > More action > Download Kestore.
(Keystore file will be unique for your project and every time you update apk this file will be required. while downloading it will be "android.keystore". Name of this file you can change to your "project name.keystore" or any other name.

NOW  Your APK and Kestore file is saved and ready to update. But while updating in Google play- Android Developer console. You will get following error "The new apk's versionCode (3) already exists." This is because Google Version code doesn't change automatically and hence we need to use APPtoMarket to increase the version code. Please follow the step Below:

Step for ApptoMarket

  1. Download ApptoMarket from
  2. UnZip at particular location.
  3. For Window OS, Run runMeWindows.bat.
  4.  In Tab 1>Certificate Detail Please fill following attribute:
        • Key Size - 2048
        • Alias - androidkey
        • Kestore file - Location of Keystore file (C:\Documents and Settings\Vivek\Desktop\Delete\myproject.keystore)
        • Kew PWD - android
        • Also fill up other fields like name , Organization etc.
 Note : Alias - "androidkey" and Kew PWD - "android" is mandatory for keystore downloaded from APP Inventor. ...Please make sure NOT to use Alias as "androiddebugkey" as it is recommended several places including Official Android developer guide too.

5. Go in File > Save Config .
6. Go In Tab 2>De/Re Compile and Wrap-up and follow the step as shown in figure below:

  • Select the APK file by clicking Browse
  • Increase the version from 3 to 4
  • Write the name of app
  • and click on "One Click Convert"

7.Press OK in the Message after clicking the "One click Convert".
8. See the Log ,  it should be like the screen shot below.

9. Select the apk file which end with "_new_zipAlign.apk" rename it and upload it through Google Play - developer Console

Good Luck and Ping me for any clarification.


  1. Vivek, Excellent tutorial. Very clear with images. You saved my day and allowed me to update my AI app on Google Play.

  2. This never works for me. It gets stuck in hourglass once i click '1Click Convert'.
    Not sure if I am doing right.
    Any suggestions ?

  3. thank you very much, after following many tutorials and even custom-made pieces by the creator of apptomarket now finally works. Great, thank you very much